What Can I Do In Cusco?


What Place Can I Visit In Cusco?

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Considered in the Inca era as the Temple of the Sun, it is one of the most outstanding spaces in the city of Cusco, both for its architecture and for the history it houses in its enclosures and colonial painting.

This house is a reliquary of colonial art and was the birthplace of the mestizo writer Inca Garcilaso de la Vega, famous for having written the “Royal Commentaries of the Incas.”

Located on the Cuesta del Almirante, the steep street owes its name to Lieutenant Corregidor Francisco Aldrete Maldonado, called “El Almirante”.


House of the Inca

Inca Museum

The current Plaza de Armas of Cusco is built on the usnu or most important esplanade of Tahuantinsuyo. The most important ceremonies and religious festivals of the Incas, such as Inti Raymi, were celebrated there. However, the origin and meaning of his name has been speculated in different ways and forms.

The Saqsaywaman Archaeological Park is located 3 km north of the city of Cusco, on the upper part of the mountain of the same name. In its approximately 3,000 hectares, a rich Andean fauna and flora coexist, highlighting the presence of llamas, kestrels and falcons.

The color of Vinivunva is due to a geological formation accumulated over time by the mixture of marine, lake and river elements. This meeting of minerals carried by the waters of the mountain range, the winds and the humidity, has caused the oxidation of the place and has made the mountain acquire that magical diversity of tones. It has become one of the most visited tourist destination in Peru and South America. For this reason, more and more travelers reach the top of this sacred mountain of the Incas.

Main Square


Mountain of 7 Colors